D. L. Menard, a Cajun musician from Erath, Louisiana, passed away today at the age of 85.

Best known for his classic Cajun hit "La Porte en Arrière", Mr. D. L. was such an accomplished musician that he was dubbed "The Cajun Hank Williams".

According to Wikipedia, "Doris Leon" Menard was born in Erath in 1932, started playing guitar at 16, and by 17 he was playing in dance halls across Acadiana.

Not only known for his music: Mr. D. L. was also an accomplished craftsman, and anyone who owns a piece of his furniture can now consider themselves lucky to have a piece of history.

Our thoughts are with Mr. D. L.'s friends and family. Acadiana has lost a legend.

(Wikipedia, Youtube/dnscheffler)

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