An Acadiana brewer has taken the Cajun Breakfast of Champions ingredients and created a new "breakfast stout" beer.

Boudin, cane syrup, and coffee were staples in my ancestors' homes and I can still recall my dad pouring Steen's Cane Syrup on his boudin and cracklins.

The Advocate did a story recently about the new brew that combines those Cajun Breakfast staples and beer.

Steen's Syrup Mill (Staff Photo)
Steen's Syrup Mill (Staff Photo)

Bayou Teche Brewing has taken these flavors (not Steen's syrup, but cane syrup flavor) and used them to create the newest in a recent boom of breakfast-favored stouts: the Cajun Breakfast Stout.

In the world of beer-making, several breweries have been pumping out breakfast stouts lately, with flavors ranging from donuts to bacon to Lucky Charms, but we think that Bayou Teche Brewery has hit the perfect trifecta of flavors for Acadiana!

Would you be willing to try it?


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