An Abbeville native, Katlon Broussard, is working hard to keep our world safe.

Quartermaster 2nd Class Katlon Broussard is serving on the USS Nimitz, the oldest aircraft carrier in the world still in use.

U.S. Navy

In the top photo, Broussard is shown maintaining the Nimitz's deck log while on the bridge of the ship (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Joseph Calabrese).

According to a press release by the US Navy, the mission of the USS Nimitz is to protect the prosperity of the United States while maintaining a high level of security of our oceans, as more than 90% of all trade travels by sea. In addition, the Nimitz protects fiber optic cables that lie on the ocean floor (those cables carry 95% of the world's internet traffic and intercontinental phone traffic).

Broussard is assigned to a ship that has also been featured in pop culture: PBS produced a documentary named "Carrier" that featured the Nimitz in more than 10 episodes, and the USS Nimitz was featured in a 1980 science fiction film titled "The Final Countdown".

Our hats are off to Quartermaster 2nd Class Katlon Broussard and all those who have volunteered to serve our country in the Armed Forces. THANK YOU!


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