Aaron Joseph Neville, Grammy Award-winning New Orleans soul vocalist and musician announced he's done with touring. The last year has made him realize that life is too short and it is time to slow down.

80-year-old Aaron Neville, known for having the voice of an angel, is done with touring. He took to Facebook to announce his departure from grueling tour schedules claiming touring has become "less desirable".

I waited for someone to invent a way to beam me from show to show but no such luck. I love singing for others, it provides so much joy for me, at least as much as for those listening, if not more. Unfortunately, the grueling nature of travel and the schedule needed to make a tour work has become less than desirable.-Aaron Neville in a Statement on Social Media

Neville's career has spanned over 60 years. He's had four platinum albums and four Top 10 hits, three went to number one in the U.S. on Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart.

Aaron has also had an illustrious career with his brothers Art, Charles and Cyril, The Neville Brothers.

Mr. Neville will continue to record and make music and on occasion attend certain musical events.

In his social media post Thursday, May 6, 2021, Aaron Neville talks about how blessed he's been and thanks his band, crew, managers, all the artists he's worked with, his wife and family.

It is my prayer that all the music I've recorded over the years will continue to provide enjoyment! May the beat go on...-Aaron Neville


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