(People) According to PeopleAaron Carter who passed away unexpectedly on Saturday at the age of 34, filmed the pilot episode for an independent sitcom called Group. The theme of the sitcom pilot is mental health recovery.

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In October, Aaron Carter filmed only one episode of Group and Carter's management has given the green light on releasing the pilot episode which was designed to raise awareness for mental health. Carter was an advocate for raising awareness about mental health problems in the U.S., something he struggled with himself.

Carter reportedly plays a fictional version of himself. -People

The pilot episode of Group still has to be edited and a network or platform found for airing.

Okive Chiacchia and Aaron Carter


Group also features Samm Levine, Olive Chiacchia, Ari Stidham, Ashley Brinkman, Kevin Clayette, Abdoulaye NGom Mike Starr and Ann Judson-Yager.

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