I searched for my surname on Google, and the Wiki page dedicated to that surname was able to pinpoint the man who is believed to be the first in my family.

Diego Falcon was originally from Spain. He left there after it was conquered by the Spanish (wait: it was Spain, for goodness sake. They had to conquer it again? Maybe I should take World History again). My Great Gramps-to-the-13th-power Diego sailed to Gran Canaria (the Canary Islands), where he lived with his wife and daughter. According to the Wiki entry, most of the Falcons in Florida, Cuba, Louisiana, and Venezeula are direct descendants of Diego Falcon.


My brother Danny did a lot more digging with our family tree, and he can name our great, greatx2, and probably our greatx3 grandparents. Me? My memory isn't that good. Or my interest isn't that high, maybe.

There were 6 boys born into my immediate family, and only 2 of them had sons, one each; it looks like they have their work cut out for them to carry on the family name!

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