Since March of 2020, when the world realized we had a pandemic on our hands, businesses have closed, Americans have lost jobs and non-profit organizations are struggling to survive financially.

Prepared non-profit organizations went into the pandemic with small emergency funds for a rainy day, but no organization could have predicted or prepared for a worldwide pandemic that seems to be neverending.

Fundraising events for non-profit organizations have been canceled or postponed. Subsequently, funds from ticket sales, raffles, silent auctions, etc. are gone.

Americans have cut back on giving to charities as the pandemic has placed financial burdens on most. Charities how have less money coming in, but their services are needed now more than ever.

99.9 KTDY would like to help local non-profit organizations get back on their feet by airing 30 second or 60 second public service announcements on the station's digital platform.

These public service announcements need to be exactly 30 seconds or exactly 60 seconds. 99.9 KTDY will not be responsible for producing these announcements. ALL SPOTS MUST BE READY TO AIR.

Please email all public service announcements to Please make sure to include the start and end dates for all announcements. These announcements will be aired according to availability.

Specific time slots are not available. KTDY will not supply run dates and/or times these announcements aired. All announcements will be aired on KTDY's digital platform including the mobile app and website (

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