There will be a casting call for The History Channel's program "Swamp People" on August 4th at Bootleggers on Jefferson Street.

If you live in the 'swamp',  have a legitimate Louisiana Alligator Hunter License and at least 50 Alligator Harvest Tags, you are eligible!  Bring your mom 'n 'em.

swamp people

If you can't make the August 4th/Lafayette casting call, not all hope is lost... put on an alligator costume and wait in the swamp for the "Swamp People" to come by and set up the lines...  grab a bait and smile for the camera!!  (If that doesn't seem 'practical' to you, you might be too intelligent to be on the show!  Hahaha!  I crack myself up.  I am just kidding.  Really, Troy, don't come after me...)

If you DO make it onto the show and you happen to catch THIS alligator:


DON'T CHOOT 'EM!!  Dat's Gaston!!



Here are the other opportunities to audition for the show:

BATON ROUGE, LA:  Sunday, July 22nd, 2 – 6 PM
Twin Peaks Restaurant, 6990 Siegen Lane, Baton Rouge, LA 70809
(225) 293-1955

BEAUMONT, TX: Sunday, July 22nd, 1 – 4 PM
Madison’s, 4020 Dowlen Road, Beaumont TX.

HOUMA, LA:  Saturday, July 28th, 11 – 5 PM
Big Al’s Seafood, 1377 West Tunnel Blvd,  Houma, LA 70360
(985) 876-4030

LAFAYETTE, LA:  Saturday August 4th, 12 – 6 PM
Bootlegger’s Bar, 522 Jefferson St., Lafayette, LA 70501
(337) 212-9886


More information can be found at The Casting Firm's website.  That page includes an email form for you to fill out in advance if you are hoping to be hunting for the camera.

On a related note (aren't they ALL related??), on July 28th, you can meet Junior and Willie from Swamp People at the Louisiana Outdoor Expo at the Cajundome and Convention Center!  They will be meetin' and greetin' from 4 till 8.

Junior and Willie

Happy hunting!


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