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Satanic Resemblance?
If you have been watching the History Channel's presentation "The Bible", you may have noticed what the rest of the Twittersphere noticed:  Satan looked like President Obama.
From The ‘I Never Knew That’ File: WWII
Did you know that 5 different attacks on United States soil occurred during World War II (other than Pearl Harbor, of course)?  I didn't, either.
The History Channel's website lists the 5 event, with general details, in a post entitled "5 Attacks on U...
Pawn Stars Is Fake!
While I was cruising around on the internet, looking for compelling content to share with you, I came across this story:  History Channel's Pawn Stars Is Fake.
Swamp People Casting Call In Lafayette!
There will be a casting call for The History Channel's program "Swamp People" on August 4th at Bootleggers on Jefferson Street.
If you live in the 'swamp',  have a legitimate Louisiana Alligator Hunter License and at least 50 Alligator Harvest Tags, you are eligi…