Louisiana is such a unique place to live, especially South Louisiana. I know that there are some bad things that happen in our state but overall this is a pretty good place to call home.

Only in Louisiana made a listing of the 9 privileges Louisianians have that the rest of the U.S. doesn’t and I kind of agree with what they had to say.

Here are the 9 privileges that Louisianans have that the rest of the U.S. doesn't:

Major effort in Louisiana to keep the French language alive
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1. Cajun food

Now while I do agree that we have the best Cajun food in Louisiana, I would go even further to say that we just have good food here. Whether you are looking for something traditional or just want a salad, chances are you can find a REALLY GOOD meal right here in Louisiana.

TSM Staff
TSM Staff

2. Crawfish

Yeah, they are in other states but no one can do a Crawfish boil quite like we can. Right?

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3. Zydeco and Swamp Pop

Just like we love our food we also love our music and culture. These types of music are deeply rooted in the state's history and they are pretty special because you can’t find them in other locations… if you do, well you immediately know where the artist is from.

Shrimp Poboy
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4. A good po’boy

There is nothing like a dressed Shrimp po boy and a cold drink on a hot day. To me, this is a comfort meal that reminds me of home. While I am really not too picky about my po boys, if it is on Leidenheimer bread then I am one happy girl.

If You Have a Recreational Vehicle, Use It
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5. Endless waterways

We are called the Bayou State after all and there are plenty of waterways for you to get lost on in Louisiana. Most of us who have grown up in Louisiana have great memories of being out on the water with our families.

Parades Kickoff Mardi Gras In New Orleans
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6. Mardi Gras

My favorite holiday! This is a time of year that most in the United States just don’t understand and to those people, I invite you to come on down and see what it is all about. This is my favorite time of year and you will proudly find me on the neutral ground side, wearing all of the sparkly purple, green, and gold I can find, dancing to some music with a drink in my hand.

Commerce Secretary Locke Visits Gulf To Inspect State Of Seafood Industry
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7. The best (and freshest) seafood around

Did I mention the water thing already? Well, all that water comes with the perks of having fresh seafood in our backyard.

Google Maps
Google Maps

8. Drive-thru daiquiris

I love having people from out of town come to visit me because the first places I take them are to the daiquiri shop and to Target to see the liquor inside of a grocery store. We do things differently down here and I for one am glad we march to the beat of our drum… Sometimes down the street too.

Lake Martin, Louisiana
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9. Amazing views

While we may not have mountains or pretty beaches, we do have the ability to watch the sunset on the bayou. There is nothing more spectacular than realizing that you can see the most amazing things right outside your front door.


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