This Wednesday will be an interesting day of programming for cable television after the Ravens-Steelers NFL game got pushed back due to COVID-19 issues. The game now falls on the same day as the 88th Rockefeller Tree Lighting which will be taking place on NBC. 

The news about the scheduling conflict was put onto Twitter by @AdamSchefter and you can see the post below

NFL games that take place on a weekday are almost always played in primetime, besides on Thanksgiving when all-day is prime for football-watching.

With all of the COVID-19 troubles facing the two teams, the Ravens-Steelers game has been pushed all the way back to a Wednesday night. It just so happens to be the same Wednesday night that the 88th Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting is happening on NBC.

Now, before you go-off saying that more people would tune into a primetime NFL game before a Christmas Tree lighting, just know that this year's Rockefeller Christmas Tree has been getting quite a bit of press.

Of course there was the first look at the tree that had the internet going, "wait, THAT is the tree?". Then there was hitch-hiking owl that got rescued from the very same tree. The tree itself then clapped back as it heard the internet's criticism loud and clear.

Whatever you feel about football or Christmas, the choice by NBC made it clear that the lighting of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree deserved to hold its place in primetime. Afternoon football it is!

But, of course I have to include Twitter's reactions to the news. They didn't hold back, either...

Of course there was a plethora of fans who agreed or disagreed with the scheduling for Wednesday's events

Christmas traditions or professional football... ahh the dilemmas 2020 has brought to us.

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