If you are a stargazer, you'll want to keep this weblink handy: it's the link to the See a Satellite Tonight site.

The site shows a schedule of when satellites will be visible to the naked eye in your area and also tells you which satellites they are by name.

When you first click the link, it will ask you to allow the site to know your location. Once you grant permission, the website will then find the Google Maps image of your location and show it on the right side of a split-screen. On the left side of the split-screen will be a satellite image of your location, along with the projected path of whichever satellite will be visible at the selected time.

On the very left of the screen, there are blocks with the anticipated time of a satellite passing overhead. Scroll through the blocks to see the different days/times, along with the total number of satellites expected in that particular time slot.


For instance, you'll see that on Saturday, October 24th, at 6:07 am, there will be 59 satellites passing overhead in Acadiana. They are part of the Starlink Satellite system, designed and deployed by SpaceX. The Starlink Satellite system is providing internet service to areas with little to no infrastructure, helping to connect the world.

You can follow this link to find where the satellites will be visible in YOUR sky wherever you are. Just give the website your location information and Google Maps will do the rest. Really, keep the website handy: it shows when many space objects will be visible to YOUR eye, in YOUR location. Very cool!


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