With St. Patrick's Day and Patty in the Parc just around the corner, what better time to check out the best St. Patrick's Day costumes across the globe!  Maybe one of these diddys will inspire your wardrobe for Saturday's festivities.

Hopefully inspiration strikes you before Saturday's Patty in the Parc

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    The Irish Leprechaun

    When making a list of St. Patrick's Day costumes, you just have to start with the stereotypical Irish leprechaun decked out in green!

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    Green Overload

    When getting ready for St. Patrick's Day, just go the easy route!  Wear tons of green, paint your face and call it a day.  It's all about the beer anyway!

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    The Probably Not Gonna Happen Suit

    While you would probably have the best costume on the block, let's just admit it, this is probably not gonna happen.  And if it does, well, you're going to be squished into a latrine changing after an hour.

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    The Green Creeper

    If you're not into the whole funny costumes idea, you could always just be that creeper around the corner in a strange mask.  You know, scare the kiddos and the ladies!  Just keep it green!

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    The Lazy Leprechaun

    If you're lazy and you just don't care, nothing is easier and says 'I just rolled out of bed and I'm only here to party' more than the traditional shamrock glasses and a green t shirt.

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    Honorable Mention- The Costume That Only Kinda Makes Sense

    Now if you like to buck the system and traditional values are not your thing, you could always go the route of a costume that really is a bit of a stretch.  A costume that says, 'I really wanted to wear a costume, but the leprechaun wasn't in my size, so I settled for something....else.'  Of course, even if you do that, make sure you have a little of Irish on ya'!