It's good to know that help is just a phone call (or a click) away when it is needed.

That's what 232-HELP has been doing for Acadiana for decades. Whether it's health issues, food, rent assistance, clothing, the organization has helped countless people in need.

Now, to continue helping people, 232-HELP needs a little help in the form of volunteers.

According to the post by the Lafayette Consolidated Government, 232-HELP and Louisiana 211 is in need of volunteers to answer calls from people who need help.

When someone calls 232-HELP or uses Louisiana 211, a trained phone operator comes on the line to assist. Once the trained telephone operator is made aware of the caller's issue, he or she then directs the caller to a local agency that can assist the caller.

After 232-HELP refers a caller to an agency, 232-HELP will circle around and check in on the person who made the call, just to be certain that they received the assistance they needed.

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232-HELP and Louisiana 211 will also do everything they can to help someone in need even if there is no agency available to assist. If 232-HELP realizes that there is a need for a new agency or organization to help with a persistent problem, they will get together with other organizations to try to come up with a solution.

Again, 232-HELP has been assisting residents of Acadiana for many years, and they have probably been able to help someone you know. Now, 232-HELP needs a little help to continue its mission.

If you are able to volunteer some time to help those in need, call (337) 232-HELP and tell them you are interested in becoming a volunteer. Those words will be music to their ears, and the donation of your time and talents will be a welcome relief to countless people in Acadiana who use the 232-HELP system.

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