More volunteers and boats are needed as the United Cajun Navy and others continue their search for the missing Seacor crew members.

In a Facebook post to a Seacor Volunteer info page, volunteers are being asked to report to two specific launch locations.

Facebook, Seacor Accident Volunteer Info
Facebook, Seacor Accident Volunteer Info

Those who are leading the volunteer efforts have stressed the need for boats, but also remind volunteers that safety is paramount, requiring that those assisting the search have their boots and life jackets in tow.

It has been 15 days since the Seacor Power lift boat capsized and seven of the 19 crew members are still missing. So far, volunteers have found life vests, debris, and even cocaine in their search for the missing men.

Constant updates on the United Cajun Navy page have been documenting their efforts as volunteers set out for another day of searching.

We'll continue to provide updates, but you can get detailed documentation of the search and more videos and photos by following the United Cajun Navy Facebook page and the affiliated organizations and individuals who are assisting in the search.

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