You hear all the time that people love Lafayette, and even people who move away tend to find their way home to our beautiful city.

While we are not perfect, we have such a vibrant culture, and even when something disappears it never fully leaves the hearts of the people who call Lafayette.

One of the most iconic pieces that is part of Lafayette's history is soon going to be given away to a lucky winner.

Officials with 232-HELP will be raising money for their wonderful organization that helps so many people.

You Can Reach Out for All Kinds of Help by Calling 232-HELP or 211

232-HELP or 211 are the numbers you can dial when your life is hit with an emergency. What if you suddenly lose your job and you can't pay your electricity bill? What if you wake up in the middle of the night with a cracked tooth?

232-HELP is the organization at the ready to help you get connected with the services you need. We all know that Lafayette and Acadiana reach out to help others, and 232-HELP is the conduit to make all of that happen.

Now 232-HELP is offering you a chance to win this iconic piece of Lafayette history:

Don's Downtown Lafayette Sign
Photo courtesy of 232-HELP

You can find out all of the information and the website entry to purchase your ticket by visiting the 232-HELP website for the ticket event.

If you have lived in Acadiana for any amount of time before 2020 then chances were likely you visited Don's Downtown for lunch, during a festival, for a special event or just to grab one of their terrific drinks at the bar.

Now you can get a little bit of that history for yourself, and in the process, you would be helping other people.

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