When my friend Karen Kemp sent me a Facebook message that explained 20 uses for Vodka, other than the obvious, I deemed it, miracle in a bottle.

If you've ever listened to the CJ and Debbie Ray morning show, you know I do enjoy a Vodka beverage every now and then.  Who knew it could do so much more?

After researching Vodka on the internet a few evenings ago, apparently the anti-bacterial properties in Vodka make it perfect for combatting many common ailments and household situations such as carpet stains.

So the next time you're in the liquor isle, grab a bottle for you to drink and another for chores and ailments.  Vodka can do everything from freshen your laundry to reduce skin pores.  OK, here are the top 20 unusual uses for Vodka as described by www.ecosalon.com.  Thank you Karen!

Top 20 Unusual Uses For Vodka

Poison Ivy Reliever

Laundry Freshener

Flower Preserver

Insect Repellent

Jelly Fish Bite Soother

Hair Shiner

Band-Aid Remover

Computer Screen Cleaner

Eye Glasses Cleaner

Air Freshener

Razor Blade Cleanser

Jewelry Cleaner

Pore Reduction

Homemade Mouthwash

Cold Sore Treatment

Shower Cleaner

Shower Cleaner

Stickiness Remover

Treat Ear Aches

Stain Remover

Tooth-Ache Reliever

Foot Odor Cure

Fever Alleviation

If you would like to know the recipe for each of the mentioned uses for vodka, click the link in the story.  Here's to Vodka!

[Via:  Ecosalon]



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