Get in the habit of being happier with these 13 steps to rewire.  And it's easy!

Thoughts can create peaks and valleys in our world of happiness without us even knowing.  When you find yourself stuck in the negative pattern of thinking, rewire!

Here are 13 ways we can rewire your thoughts and mind into allowing yourself to feel the happiness that you deserve, freeing you to live, love and be happy.  Feel better, be positive and enjoy life!

1. Let go of your complaining

2. Let go of having to always be right

3. Let go of any self defeating ideas

4. Let go of your fears

5. Let go of attachment

6. Let go of making criticism

7. Let go of blaming

8. Let go of trying to impress other people

9. Let go of your excuses

10. Let go of trying to always control

11. Let go of the past

12. Let go of resisting change

13. Let go of living life to other people’s expectations

[Via:  World Observer]


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