Even if you absolutely love your job there are still some little annoyances you have to deal with almost every day at work. These acts aren't really that bad but it's like you're being poked with a tack every time one of them happens. They seem to happen a lot.

Read this next line and see if you can figure out what my list of annoyances might include.

I intend to leverage this viral game changer with a cutting edge value-add idea so we can circle back and reach out as we socialize with millennials before they disconnect or figure out it is what it is.

You have probably recognized some "corprospeak".  Those unique buzz words that always seem to fall out of the mouths of people wearing ties. It's like a probiotic induced diarrhea of nonsense that just seems to make certain projects unbearable.

So what are the ten most annoying office buzzwords? According to a recent CBS MoneyWatch survey here they are:

1-Leverage: It means we think we have an advantage but we really don't. We're screwed.

2-Reach Out: I will see if I am friends with him on Facebook. If not, we're screwed

3-It Is What It Is: That means it's your mess and you better clean it up or we're screwed.

4-Viral: It means there is a new cat video or it wasn't the burritos that caused the mess.

5-Game Changer: That means "holy crap I didn't even think of that problem".

6-Disconnect: That means you've already got a new job lined up and you're gonna walk.

7-Value Add: That is best described as getting a free sack with the purchase of groceries

8-Circle Back: We forgot a very important part of the plan. It's retreating with style.

9-:Socialize: Let's mention our goods and services to our customers. We might sell more.

10-Cutting Edge: Only the young kids understand how to use it.

Think of any other time you might use these particular phrases other than work? You might find a way to work one or two of these into a normal conversation but if you usually incorporate more than three of these buzz words into your everyday speech, you might want to consider taking a long weekend. A weekend without a computer, e-mail, cell phone, or even smoke signals.

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