Sometimes you just can't find the right word. You're trying to describe something or pass on advice to a friend but there's not really a word for what you're trying to say. Relax. Thanks to Huffington Post and writer Mark Forsyth,we've found five really great words you should try out on your friends.Mark even has six more in his piece that you can use in the privacy of your own home.

  • TheOrangeDuke, Reddit
    TheOrangeDuke, Reddit


    You have done this. We all fudgel. Some of us are fudgeling right now while reading this article. Fudgel is a word from the 18th century. It means "to pretend to be working and not doing anything at all".  Who knew there was a word to describe the efforts of most elected officials? There is, and it's fudgel.

  • John Moore/Getty Image
    John Moore/Getty Image


    This is very common among married people. Have you ever been out to dinner with your spouse and they start to stare at your food. They don't say anything but because you know that look you give them some of what's on your plate. The act of staring at someone's food in hopes of them giving you some of it is called groke or I guess groking. It's from the Scottish language of a few centuries ago.

  • George Marks, Hulton Archive
    George Marks, Hulton Archive


    Do you know someone who starts a project yet never seems to finish it? That is the act of finifugal. There is actually a word that would describe how the Saints play a game, how a child does housework, or how a husband treats those projects that you've had on his list for several years.

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    You've experienced uhtceare and you hate it every time you do. Have you ever found yourself awake before dawn? During that momentary bit of consciousness your brain starts working and you start to think of something that concerns you. Maybe it's a project at work, a plan you need to make, or trying to figure out who that is sleeping next to you. Your struggle to go back to sleep because your brain won't let you is called uhtceare.

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    This word often describes the life of a young single person or anyone in the broadcast business. Quomodocunquize means "to do anything for money". It's an ancient word that is the modern day equivalent of a hustle. It doesn't necessarily mean doing something illegal or immoral, it just means doing what it takes to bring home the cash.

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