We see these things sometimes on a daily basis. Sometimes we drive right by them or hold them in our hands. Sometimes we see them in our mirror. We know what they are we just didn't know there was a specific name for them. Today, we will learn words that will impress our friends or just make us a lot cooler in our own minds.

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    A lot of us look forward to petrichor. It usually happens at the very beginning of a rain storm or shower. It is the name given to the smell of rain. Let's face it, the fragrance is beloved enough to be a part of many air fresheners line of scents. Now you know what to call it. Personally, I think it sounds like it should be a dinosaur.

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    You might be experiencing dysania at the moment your are reading this. We all have experienced it, most of us on Monday morning. It is the word used to describe the feeling of not wanting to get out of bed. I think if you were to use it in a sentence it might go like this. Get out of bed? Dysania gonna happen anytime soon. 

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    I am afraid I am about to make you uncomfortable in a very specific region of your body. You know that area between your shoulder blades that is virtually impossible to scratch when it starts to itch? That area of the body is called the acnestis. To me, it sounds like something that would involve pimples and puss, hopefully, it doesn't where your back is concerned.

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    Think about a knight with a knife or someone you once knew. Have you figured it out? An aphthong is the appropriate name for a silent letter. I think the word would be better applied to bathing suits or undergarments but I would only apply it in that context on certain people.

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    Lawn Mullet

    When you think of a mullet you think of "business in the front, party in the back". That refers to the unique hairstyle of mainly Southern gentlemen who are still in the Achy Breaky Heart phase of life. A lawn mullet is very similar. It implies the front yard of the house is kept up very nicely while the backyard could be a weedy wasteland of rusted grills, blighted dog houses, and rotted hammocks.

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    Kevork Djansezian, Getty images


    " I never noticed her until I heard her scroop". Oh my, did she pass gas? Did her bones crack? Was her hair spray so thick her bangs made a noise? Nope. A scroop is defined as the sound a formal gown makes when a woman walks. Think of the sound of silky material rubbing against itself. Who knew there was a name for the sound of a prom or Mardi Gras Ball without the music.

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    That's right barm with an "m". You could have been raised in a barn if your barm isn't quite right. A barm is something you expect to see in a bar but hope it isn't too large. What is it? It's the actual name of beer foam, as in the head of foam on a glass of beer. Try whipping this word out during happy hour tonight. Be prepared to be ignored as if you were talking about the WNBA.

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    LA Times via Getty Images


    When she placed her hand around my zarf I knew she was the one. You might have your hand on your zarf right now. It's okay if the kids are around your zarf is the name given to the cardboard sleeve that keeps you from burning your hand while you hold your cup of coffee. Try using that word on your barista this morning. I am sure they will look at you with disdain.

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    Most of us enjoy a lot of apricity. It's more welcome in the winter than it is in the summer months. That's because apricity is the word given for the enjoyment of the warmth of the sun. On a cold day stepping into the warm sunshine can be a great feeling. On a hot day, apricity is akin to taking a brief trip into the bowels of hell. Apricity is best appreciated in January and February.

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    Matt Cardy/Getty Images

    Pass of Asses

    At first blush, this could be a description of the New England Patriots victory parade. It could also be a name given to several politicians walking by you. It might also be used to reference those Texas drivers who speed by you on the interstate. But alas, a pass of asses refers to a collection of donkeys. Nope, that's not a herd of donkeys, that's a pass of asses. You might also use this term to describe a group of guys who wear Tapout shirts.

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