Why did I get into radio, number one answer, love of music.  But music wasn't the only reason.

I had my first record player at 2, could pick out specific Loretta Lynn records before I could read, and was awakened every morning to the sound of my mother playing the radio.  It was the first thing she did (Drove my dad crazy).

My favorite DJ growing up was a guy by the name of Scotty Mac (Scott McAllister) from WFMF in Baton Rouge.  This guy was amazing, great voice, tight (no dead air), and just enough personality for job security.  He taught me better radio than any professor in college or any other broadcaster for that matter.

I always knew what I wanted to be.  Being on the radio was it.  Doing anything else has never crossed my mind.  My love for music may have been the driving force for the whole radio thing, but music wasn't the only reason.

My love for people was/is a strong second.  After all, radio without an audience is just sitting in a room playing music to yourself.

Debbie Ray and I were on remote a few days ago at Hit n Run on Ambassador Caffery.  We had lowered gas prices and were giving away lots of prizes, so it was a zoo, many people, when out the corner of my ear I heard a female voice say, "Where is he?"  Then I hear, "I listen to him everyday, I want to see him."  At that point I assumed, she was looking for me.

I am ashamed to say, I don't remember her name (That happens when you get my age), but she walks up to say hello, then proceeds to say some really nice things that really stroked my ego.  When I asked to get a picture with her, you would have thought she'd won the lottery (Yes, they were there too).

I want you to see the picture that made my day and is a reminder as to why I continue to wake up at 4AM weekday mornings.  Thank you to a sweet lady who made me feel as though I was the biggest celebrity on the planet that day, it's angels like you who keep this this old boy going.

CJ And A Listener

Photo by Debbie Ray