Wade Lohse walked out of court last month while waiting for his vehicular homicide trial to start, and hadn't been heard from since... until today.  KATC TV 3 posted the following video to their Facebook page today, having had the link sent to them (presumably by Lohse himself).  Now, I am no investigator, but it looks as if the video was self-shot, and was uploaded to Youtube on an account owned by a "John Smith" (who joined Youtube on April 2nd, 2013).  He's in the woods (does anyone know where his hunting camp is??  Or his best friend's hunting camp?).  I am guessing that "real" investigators will get in touch with the Youtube people and trace the IP address and get a clue as to where he is/was when the video was uploaded.

Anyway, on to the ramblings of Wade Lohse:



What do you think?  Does he make any valid points?  Or should he just turn himself in?

(Via Youtube)