Invisible Car Causes Crash [UNEXPLAINED VIDEO]
Even in slow motion, this video will have you scratching your head. This bizarre car crash has viewers trying to figure out where the car that caused the crash came from. The intersection appears 100% clear, free of any on-coming cars. One vehicle is stopped, about to make a right turn. The driv…
Is This The Largest Turtle You’ve Ever Seen? [VIDEO]
A giant turtle washed up on a beach in Spain. It's a Leatherback turtle, the largest turtles known to man. This one is so large, they used a backhoe to move it. It is reported that this turtle weighed 1,600 pounds.
Would You Swim In This River? [VIDEO]
A guy in Florida took a bucket of water, tossed it into a river and something under the water caused the biggest commotion but never showed itself. It's like something you would see in a low budget movie, the only difference is, this is real life.

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