Tanning Beds Can Give You Something Other Than A Tan
Research have proven to the world that tanning beds are not the best thing for your skin, now a dermatologist at the Mayo Clinic is making another claim about tanning beds that will have you thinking before you tan.
Tattoos: Yes Or No?
Steve Wiley posted a comment about tattoos on Facebook over the weekend, and it got me to thinking about how differently people react to them.
Anti – Aging Face Yoga [VIDEO]
Anti - aging face yoga is the new big deal in looking younger. If wrinkles have you down, a fix might be closer than you think.
There’s No Safe UV Tan
For decades, Americans have desired to have tanned skin, in spite of the revelation that exposure to the sun has been shown to be the leading cause of skin cancer. A recent survey by the American Academy Of Dermatology shows tanned skin is still widely regarded as the most attractive.  What to …
Wear Your Sunscreen, But Make Sure It’s Fresh!
A quick search of the web for "sun skin cancer" leads right to the Web MD site, which explains how the sun damages your skin and how it causes cancer.
The Mayo Clinic recommends to not use sunscreen that is past it's expiration date or older than 3 years.
Want To look younger?
'Everybody wants to be 25, or at least look it'     -Lauren Bacall
Want To Look Younger?  Kristin Perrota with share 10 tips on keeping your skin looking younger.  Most of them probably won't come as a surprise, but a couple surprised me...
Hello, Beautiful!
Ready for your close-up?
According to a British survey, one in three women won’t leave the house without putting on their makeup first- even if they’re just stepping out for groceries! Six out of ten women wouldn’t dare set foot in their office …
Vanity Veggies
Want to look younger?

Considering a makeover? Skip the Botox and the hair dye and hit the salad bar instead. Research conducted at the University of Nottingham shows that people looked more attractive when they added extra vegetables to their diets.