Would you Have Sex With A Robot? [Video]
A growing number of people believe artificial intelligence is one of the greatest threats to humanity. AMC Network has aired 2 seasons of a British TV series called "Humans," in which highly sophisticated androids are commonplace. Brothels are staffed by them...
David Thibodaux STEM Academy Competes at FIRST Bayou Regional
Lafayette has a lot to be proud of today, as the David Thibodaux STEM Academy Robotics team had a great showing at the 2016 FIRST Bayou Regional in Kenner, Louisiana. The team finished in 26th place in the game called 'FIRST Stronghold.'
FIRST is a program for students in Grades K-12...
DOW Red Stick Rumble Robotics Competition In Baton Rouge
The first of its kind being offered in Louisiana, the Red Stick Rumble offers FIRST Robotics teams from around the country an opportunity to experience our rich Louisiana culture while participating in an intense rematch of the previous season’s game.
Lafayette Robotics Teams Have Exciting FIRST Season
FIRST (which stands for 'For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology') teams compete in a spirit of "gracious professionalism." This means that the young men and women share tools, supplies and expertise openly with their competitors in order to help every team perf…

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