The Guy Who Invented Ibuprofen Had A Hangover
What's your favorite hangover remedy? Mine's ibuprofen and "Hair of the Dog." They say necessity is the mother of invention. reports, a night of over indulgence in the 1960's led to the "discovery" of the popular pain reliever.
FDA Approves New Hope For Migraine Sufferers
I don't get migraines, but several friends tell me they're ten kinds of Hell, and nothing seems to help. There's new hope. The Associated Press reports, the FDA has approved a new device to help prevent the misery of migraines.
Can Rain Affect The Way You Feel? [VIDEOS]
I along with many people I've spoken with, believe rain can affect the way you feel.  It has rained everyday for over two weeks where I live with more predicted thru the weekend into midweek.  Even the French Quarter in New Orleans was flooding yesterday and it's the highest part…
Ellen Says ‘Everything Is Fine’
Ellen DeGeneres is 'fine' after a reported scare over chest pains. TMZ reported paramedics were called to the studio where she tapes her show because the comedienne was experiencing 'discomfort and tightness' in her chest. The popular 53 year old talk show host woke up in the mid…