Weekend Box Office Report: The Box Office Goes ‘Home’
In one of the strongest box office weekends of 2015 so far, both Home and Get Hard opened strong while Insurgent and Cinderella continued to perform well. This was the rare weekend that literally offered something for everyone, with R-rated comedies and animated family fare exceeding expectations.
What Makes YOUR House A Home?
If we visited each others' houses, faithful listener, we'd probably find that as houses go, they're remarkably alike in just about every way.
Where our houses would differ would be in the ways that our houses are also our homes. Sometimes, those qualities are ineffable and intangible, but I'm going t…
Guess the Celebrity Crib
The second most overpaid actress in Hollywood is moving on up to a bigger and better home, because when you have a return profit of $3.40 for every dollar you get paid, you can splurge a little.

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