10 Careers With Most Psychopaths
Higher Perspective has put out a list, "The Top 10 Careers With The Most Psychopaths", and it looks like radio and television personalities made the list!
Live Fast, And You May Die Young
Live fast, die young is not just a cliche.  Analysis of two years worth of obituaries from the New York Times, found that people who have jobs that put them in the spotlight are likely to die sooner than people holding more traditional jobs.
Does Happy Start At Forty?
Does happy start at forty?  Those of us who are middle aged have all heard, "Life begins at forty".
Take This Job And Shove It
Are You Happy With Your Job?

The people who are whistling while they work aren’t who you think! A recent survey uncovered the top 10 happiest careers in America, and the results are somewhat surprising.  Biotechnology careers topped the list, followed by (believe it or not) cus…
Women Are Winning
You go, girl! According to a new survey, about half of American women think their careers are more successful than those of their male partners.