Why Do Love Bugs Stick Together?
We are in the middle of "love bug season" here in south Louisiana and we all know what a pain in the rear those little boogers can be. But, have you ever looked at them flying around in pairs and wonder, "why are they stuck together?"
What Do I Do When I Find Bees?
Some professional beekeepers may not have time to help you themselves, but some novice beekeepers, or hobbyists, might enjoy the challenge of relocating the insects.
Forget The Fly Swatter: Use The Fly Shotgun! [VIDEO]
Tired of having to sneak up on flies and other insects with a fly swatter?  Try the Bug-A-Salt, the salt-shooting bug killer.
It is a 'fake' gun that shoots salt:  just enough salt with just enough force to debilitate the bug long enough for you to grab it with a tissue (or step o…

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