Barack Obama

Does Government Have It Wrong
Does government have it wrong?  I recieved an email recently that contained the following message.  I don't know where it originated so I don't know who penned these statments.  Whether you agree with government or not, use these words as food for thought...
Do You Remember Your Commencement Speaker?
I guess if the President of the United States or a movie star is speaking at your college commencement you remember who they were and what they said- and if not, these days, you can always watch it on YouTube. Steve Jobs at Stanford in 2005, Ellen Degeneres at Tulane in 2009 were a couple of the fam…
Entergy Warns About Scam
Entergy is warning customers in Louisiana & Texas about scammers who claim that if they make a payment by a method they outline, the customer will receive a credit from president Obama.

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