At a West Monroe firing range today, while Rick Santorum was preparing to fire a handgun at a target, a bystander said "Pretend it's Obama", loud enough for the microphones to catch it.
As usual, the mainstream media tries to sensationalize the event by putting the title of the story "As Santorum Fires Gun, Woman Shouts 'Pretend It's Obama'". She did not "shout", as this article claims, she merely uttered the words.
I am not trying to defend the woman, I am not saying that it was 'right' or 'proper' to say those words, I am just trying to show you how, in this instance, ABC News titles their stories improperly (in my opinion). In my opinion, the woman did not shout. But, judge for yourself in this news clip from ABC.

What do you think: did she 'shout'?
(Via Youtube)