Artmania At The Horse Farm
Louisiana Metalsmiths Association is sponsoring "Artmania", an art show/fundraiser, to be held April 12 and 13 at Lafayette's Horse Farm.
Legislature Considers George Rodrigue License Plate
The Louisiana legislature opened its 2014 session on Monday, with a full slate of bills to consider. Some are sure to bring spirited debate, like the 15 marijuana related bills. One bill that will likely face little to no opposition is a proposal to introduce a series of license plates honoring Army…
Brilliant Artist Uses Tongue to Paint His Masterpieces
This artist has a tongue of talent.
An artist in India named Ani K says he has painted more than 1,000 pictures with his tongue, with an eight-foot replica of 'The Last Supper' his prized piece.
Like many greats, though, he suffers for his art:
After painting with my tongue, I experience pain…
Games of Acadiana Poster Contest Underway
Attention, Artists! Each year, a local artist creates a beautiful piece of artwork that is used to advertise and promote Games of Acadiana, the annual fundraiser for Miles Perret Cancer Services. This year's selection will come with a $500 prize for the artist...

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