The Rolling Stone Choose the Cover Contest ends in just 4 days! I am so excited for Lafayette native Lelia Broussard, who is up against some Canadian rockers to be the first unsigned artist to appear on the cover of the legendary music magazine! Us Magazine labeled her a future Grammy contender! And Lady Antebellum loves her!
If you're not familiar with Lelia yet, check her out in her Stage It online show tomorrow.
She will be playing a brand new song that she just wrote called 'Wolves At My Door.' The show is online, but you still have to get a ticket. (This is new to me, too!) I'm told tickets usually go pretty fast for these shows, so be sure to buy them soon if you want to watch it. It'll cost you $5.
Lelia will do a give away of songs to everyone who attends and she will also be giving away a package of unreleased music to one ticket holder.
Or check her out for free in the videos below!
The winner of the Rolling Stone contest will be announced live on the Jimmy Fallon Show on August 2nd.
You can still Vote and tweet in the last 4 days here:
Geaux, Lelia!