One of the items on my To Do List for 2014 is to do all I can to encourage girls to learn about computers. And I'm not talking about iPhones and Candy Crush! The skill we need for the future is computer coding. Don't know what that is? That's why we need more people to study it! Especially young women. Imagine a world where women were the majority in science professions. Our whole world would work differently- and maybe even better. Maybe way better! Coding is the process of taking an idea from concept to execution on a computer. You could be one of the people who created Candy Crush, not just the person who plays it. And it's not as hard to learn as you think. Skillcrush is one of the companies working to help you learn "absurdly marketable, super useful tech skills that you will be able to put into practice TODAY."  Check out the video below (and notice how few women are in it), then learn some more on their YouTube channel.