What's the one skill you need to get a good job and help move our nation forward? It's a skill you can begin to learn at age six.  If you can read and know basic math, you can learn at any age! It's hard to believe, but, one million great jobs may go unfilled because there aren't enough people with the knowledge to do them. Scary, isn't it? That skill is computer coding.

A group called Code.org is imploring regular people to learn. You don't have to be a genius. They believe that every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn. Yet, only three Acadiana schools are listed on the Code.org website as teaching code. Is it really possible that only three of our local schools (Academy of the Sacred Heart, North Vermilion High School and UL) are preparing young people for the real future? And it's a skill you can start to learn as early as age six!

Let's all spend a little less time on  Angry Birds, Minecraft and Hungry Squid and a little more time using these free educational tools.

Code.org has loads of free apps and websites where you can begin.

You might invent the next big thing or save some lives or at least learn something new!

Watch This and Be Inspired: