Huge thanks to everyone who came to the KTDY Secretary Appreciation Banquet last night at the Petroleum Club. Thanks to Lofton Staffing Services and Moss Motors, along with LaHaye Total Eye Care, 99 office professionals and their guests enjoyed loads of prizes from Armentor Jewelers, Great Escape Water Massage, Loco, Paul's Jewelry, Konriko, Cocolare, A-Bryan's Jewelers and many others, plus a delicious meal of fried catfish, chicken, vegetables and the most delicious potatoes we've ever eaten! Plus desserts that included carrot cake, lemon meringue pie, Boston Cream pie, and many other selections. JayCee and CJ were thoroughly entertaining- and so were Gwen and Rose. (If you were there, you know what was so funny!) Again, thanks to all our sponsors and to everyone who came to celebrate Administrative Professionals week with us!

Check out the pictures from LOL Photeaux!

Here are some of the nice messages we received from the attendees this morning:

From Rose:

Thank you so much for letting all of us have a “playdate” with y’all last night!  What a blast!  I hope y’all had as much as fun as we did.  And I made new friendships last night with the people at my table…we made a pact that we all want to sit together next year if we get selected.  Thank you for making me smile and laugh (which is great medicine)!  I needed this!  Thank you for the lovely cross bracelet from A Bryan's, the $50 gift certificate for Loco, the lovely rose and a great time!

From Lucy:

I want to Thank You so much for last night, I have not laughed in a long time and I hurt this morning  so much from laughing.  Rose was the life of the party and our table.    We were so lucky to be able to sit at that table. I had never been to this banquet but deeply enjoyed myself. Everyone did a great job in creating an atmosphere that was so enjoyable and laughter that was so delightful to hear since all these gloomy things have been happening to our world.   This was the best medicine we could have had last night and

Thanks Again!
From Lisa:
What struck my heart most last nite beside the prayer and moment of silence for our military...was that we were THANKED for coming...we were thanked! I hope you all know how much we thank you for thinking of US...a lot of us work in a thankless job.