It was a pleasure to emcee the 17th Annual Lofton Staffing/99.9 KTDY Secretary Appreciation Banquet last night, especially with the appearance of the handcuffs and the wine opener!Other than drawing a blank when it came time to remember a co-worker's name (I am still red-in-the-face because of that one!), the evening when pretty well (at least from this side of the microphone it did!). A great meal, fun games, and great prizes, including a ring/earring set from A-Bryan's that was given away, with a total package value of $955.00!

This was part of the scene last night, right at the end of the banquet, when we pulled the winner for that prize.



Congratulations, Fran!!

Thanks to all who came out to share a night with us!


(Via Youtube)