I don't have children, so I have to settle for hiding in the bushes, waiting for the kids to approach the door, and then, in the scariest, breathiest whisper, say "I'm watching you".

Anyway, with Halloween right around the corner, I thought that I would list a couple of handy links to help make your Halloween more fun this year.

First of all:  Safety.  Links to the Louisiana Sex Offender Registry; Halloween Safety from the Canadian Health website; and the Child Safety Link.

Next: costumes!!  It's not too early to start working on great costumes for your little ones (or yourself!!)  A simple Google search brings up lots of ideas!!

Boxes and Solo Cups = Lego Man!! (Reddit)

And, finally:  Freaky Family Fun!!  Different "science projects" to help you make your home a freaky, family-fun Halloween stop!

Remember to use common sense, and cut the candied apples open before you chomp into them (this year, I will be candy-coating raw onions to give to the kids, as a special "treat" for those people who don't cut them open first... ha!!  Just kidding (or am I??)


Keep your pranks SAFE this Halloween!!