Almost every year when we do the Mammosine, one of the girls is having her first mammogram. She's always nervous and apprehensive because of all the terrible things she's heard about how painful it is. I'm here to tell you IT'S NOT THAT BAD! Sure your breast is squeezed in order to get a good image, but remember, the flatter they can get it, the better they can see what's in there! Besides, it only takes a few seconds, I promise. And I guarantee you've been through much worse - like these...

Five Things That Hurt Worse Than a Mammogram

  • 1

    A Toothache

    Some of the worst pain I've ever felt was from a bad tooth. I cracked one on vacation one time and had to go two days and fly home to take care of it. THAT was awful and it hurt for DAYS!

  • 2

    A Corn

    I recently suffered through my first ever corn. Now that hurt. Who would believe that a tiny little spot on your baby toe could cause so much agony. I had to wear flip flops for two weeks till I got rid of it!

  • 3

    A Headache

    If you get migraines, you surely know what misery they can cause. If you're like me and just get a tension headache every now and then that can be cured with some Tylenol and some R&R, that's still way more painful and lasts way longer than a mammogram.

  • 4

    Hitting Your Funny Bone

    Seriously. The pain that shoots through your arm when you hit your funny bone is worse and lasts longer than it takes to get your mammies grammed.

  • 5

    A Paper Cut

    You know how when you get a paper cut, any time you touch it or move that finger, it grabs you again and how sometimes they take forever to go away because you keep bumping them? Not so with a mammogram - Squish, squish, done for a whole 'nother year!