[UPDATE 1/4/13 6 PM] Lafayette Police investigators have arrested and charged Barry N. Guidry, age 49, with 1- count of Simple Burglary of an Automobile. The arrest is a result of an investigation that began on January 01, 2013, with the report of a vehicle burglary in the 2200 Block of NE Evangeline Thruway. The victim reported clothing and a dog missing from the vehicle. On the morning of Friday January 4, 2013, Lafayette Police were called to area on NE Evangeline Thruway, concerning person(s) selling clothing items. Responding officers believed that the clothing being sold matched that of the victim’s clothing taken during the vehicle burglary. Further investigation lead to a residence where the suspect was located, as well as additional items belonging to the victim. Investigators believe that the victim’s dog became loose from the vehicle as a result of the vehicle burglary. The dog is believed to have begun to roam freely in nearby neighborhoods. In the days following the vehicle burglary, the victim’s dog is believed to have been injured by other dogs in a neighborhood near the vicinity of the where the vehicle burglary occurred. "Boz," was put down.


[UPDATE 1/4/13 8:35 AM] Police are making progress in the investigation. The family was asked about the items stolen, including clothing. Someone was selling used hunting clothing at the Waffle House and more than one person may be involved. They are also investigating Boz's death. That's all we can tell you right now, as we don't want to interfere with the police investigation, but we will keep you updated.


[UPDATE1/3/13] Sad UPDATE: The video surveillance shows the thief breaking into the dog’s kennel. It doesn’t show whether he put the dog in his truck. The dog was found almost dead this morning when someone called the animal shelter saying that this old Lab got into a fight with his Pitbull. The shelter picked him up, put him to sleep and called his owner. RIP Sweet "Boz."


It's not a happy new year for a U.S. service member who was traveling through Lafayette. Jamie Arthur, who spent some time hunting in Acadiana while on leave, awoke to find his beloved companion missing from a locked dog box. "Boz" was stolen, along with some hunting gear, by a man in a mid-2000's Chevy/GM extended cab truck with a LA license plate from a parking lot on Evangeline Thruway in Lafayette on New Year's Eve. The truck was gold-ish in color and had blacked out windows. The dog's owner is on leave from the Air Force and was enjoying a hunting trip with his Dad. They are asking the man who took "Boz" to please leave the dog at the Lafayette Animal Shelter, or call 229-200-1378, no questions asked. Please keep the equipment and return this member of the family.

"Boz" should be easily recognizable as he has only three toes on his right rear paw. Police have a picture of the thief and we will post it here as soon as it is released. If you spot a male black Lab fitting Boz's description, please call the phone number above and help reunite this beautiful dog with his lifelong human companion.