Today, immediately after the KTDY morning show ended at 10AM, Debbie Ray stormed out the control room as though a bolt of lightning had struck her from behind, the reason, outlined in an email, had co-host CJ not feeling the love.

Shortly after CJ said his signature goodbye, Debbie Ray bolted out of the KTDY control room faster than the microphones could be turned off.  It all stemmed from an email she had sent out earlier this morning.  Here's a copy:

Staff Photo

Debbie Ray propped opened the control room door earlier in the morning, which is unusual for a radio station studio, in an effort to release the germs she felt was coming out of CJ's body after he was diagnosed with the flu less than a week ago.  At one point even going so far as to say on the air, "Your droplets are still contagious".

After the show was finished, those she knocked over in the hallway of Townsquare Media Lafayette, a building housing 7 radio stations, said her actions were not normal for the mild mannered host who played the Virgin Mary twice in elementary school.  No injuries were reported, however, she powered to her car so fast that one gold record flew from the East wall of the building and crashed onto Steve Wiley's ice chest as he was headed into the control room.  The glass is being replaced.

Debbie Ray was seen back in the building later in the day for a 1PM meeting that did not include CJ.  It has been reported she was seen walking into the conference room where the meeting was being held with Visqueen, a mask, oxygen on wheels, a taser and what appeared to be a voodoo doll.

CJ had no comment which in itself is quite unusual.  Thousands will be tuned in tomorrow to hear if Debbie Ray returns.