I posted a picture on the KTDY Facebook page and on my personal Facebook page earlier this week which was taken from an old newspaper.  The picture is below, but to sum things up, it is from the "Lifestyles" section of a newspaper in New York from SEVERAL years ago.  Four men were asked the question:  "If a woman needs it, should she be spanked?" All four of the men replied "Yes", with an explanation, of sorts.

Here it is, take a minute to read the answers.

My intention of posting the 'article' was to show how things have changed over the years.  Many of the people who commented found the posting humorous, while others found it offensive.  Here is a sampling of the comments the picture received on Facebook:

Lindsey (a male):          If only we were a hell of a lot farther from that sentiment than we find ourselves. The more distance this country can put between the idea that men should be governing the behavior of women--and the entire concept of gender roles at large--the better.

Jeremy:        I love all the female perspectives this article supplies. Reminds me of how equal those recent reproductive rights debates have been.

Sharon:          I have a cast iron skillet that these guys need to meet, face first. Neanderthals for sure!

Mike:             What about us guys? Where's our spankings?

Toni:             if a man needs it, should he be killed?

Kim:             Fifty Shades???

Tanya:         I suppose anybody could possibly "need" to be spanked once in a while but at the same time I would ask in return, is it not totally acceptable, if a woman should be spanked, that she KICK THE **@@ OUT OF HER MAN?

Suzanne:       These men are NUTS!! Too funny! Back in the "Dark Ages" for sure!

Crystal:       Thanks, this was my favorite post of the day!Wow, a bunch of lookers on top of it!

Greg:        This article is from February 7th. 1943. Ironically, all of these men died in their sleep sometime between the hours of 9:30pm Feb. 7th and 7:00am Feb. 8th 1943. Strange isn't it? : )

Simone:    That is hilarious!!

John:        Most women I have met seem to enjoy a lil ......spanking.....

Kellie:        Was just discussing this with a friend. A smack on the rump and a well timed hair pull can work wonders. (GOTCHA! Figured one obnoxious post deserved another)

Charlotte:      Women Love To Be Spanked Every Once In Awhile !!!

Margo:         OMG... when was this written... Toooo funny... Now days you better watch out... they do spank back....

Pam:        Proves men haven't evolved much over time! Lol!

Brandee:    Maybe I'm just a stick in the mud, but I find NO humor in recent or old commentary on spanky a women. For the life of me I cant figure out what is funny about this. maybe you could pass out Find Mickey poster along with it, as a before and after of a mentality that is just as real now as when this was printed. It may seem funny to some. but I imagine that the recipients of these spankings throughout the years have an entirely different 't thought as well. I cant help but think a few cheap laughs aren't worth it.

Patricia:      After reading the "Fifty Shaded of Grey" series, a little spanking sounds interesting!!  LOL!

Stacy:     I agree with Patricia, get some Grey in your life and you may agree to the article..lol

Jessica:  yikes! And the guy at the bottom, not buying that he is a "Toy Factory owner" in Brooklyn. He looks like he works in sanitation, if ya know what I mean.

Delaine:       Brandee, my initial reaction was that it was funny, but after reading your post I see your point. If this was a poster asking white people if african americans should be "put back in their place" people would be screaming racism, as they should. Oppression is not humorous.

JayCee (KTDY):     Brandee and Delaine bring up a valid point: domestic violence is bad. I agree. My point of posting the article was to bring to light how things have changed over the years (hopefully). Please do not assume that we were making fun of domestic abuse; when I first read the article, I thought "Really? People (men) used to think this way?". That led me to wonder how you would feel about it. Thank you all for your input! It is amazing to see how one image can elicit such polarized responses. <<JayCee>>

Brandee:     I don't think anyone who commented or posted meant anything negative at all. I just dont think it is funny at all. - and for me i think it is because of Mickey Schunick

Michelle:     What a bunch of gutless wonders in that article. Many men still feel this way. Luckily women can actually do something about it today. Back then they were stuck. Like Madea says " cook him some grits,HOT grits, he needs a skillet upside his head.

Scott:     Lets keep in mind that this article was printed from a time when men were still immature jerks instead of the evolved neanderthals we are today.

Steve:      Sounds like the "founding members" of the Tea Party!

Kellie:  Man, y'all poor guys can't win for losing. Yeah abuse still exists, but I think it was posted in the spirit of those old commercials that said "we've come a long way baby" and what this has to do with the Shunick case COMPLETELY escapes me. Oh, and look out Jaycee.... I once dated a guy that scratched my records, so therefore you're a guilty record scratcher too! Sheesh.

Ralene:        most men still think that way today nothings changed...only difference now days is we dont take that bs no more....now days we show them whos BOSS!!!!

Diane:     I'd like to see one of them try that crap with me. Are ANY of these idiots married??

Sylvia:      NEVER!!! My oldest sister let her husband spank her every once in a while n guess what?? He ended killing her "by accident" now he said "I didn't meant to go that far"really?? Wives are the complement of the men,not an object or anything like that,woman should never let men spank them,if they do it once,they will do it forever...

Marie:     Let a man lay A FINGER on me to "SPANK" me when I didn't ask for it & see what happens! Lol

Linda:        Only if she needs it.. lol No way a woman should get spanked. Can you believe long ago they used to think it was okay. wow

Rowena:     I'm assuming that these men are now single.

Of course, the picture (which I posted) was never meant to give the "OK" to domestic violence; it was to merely point out how attitudes have changed over the years, or at least we've hoped that they have changed!!

Tell me how you feel about the picture:  do you find it offensive?  Humorous?


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