Couple Cancels Wedding, Parents Feed The Homeless
After a California couple called off their wedding, the Bride's family turned the occasion into a feast for the homeless. AP reports, Kari Duane's daughter called to say she & her fiancee' decided not to go through with it. The family had booked a $35,000 reception at one of Sacra…
Men Look Better In The Fall, Six Reasons Why
Cosmopolitan magazine thinks your man looks better in the fall. Fall brings cooler temperatures and men cover up the flaws with beards, hair and clothing. Cosmopolitan has come up with six reasons men look better when the season changes.
Was J. C. Penny Wrong?
You may have heard about the 17-year-old J. C. Penny employee who was asked to go home and change because what she was wearing was too revealing. But you may not have heard the whole story.

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