Phone Scammers Tried To Dupe Steve Wiley
I recently shared an article about a current wave of Phone scamming. It included a video from an IRS representative, explaining how to recognize a scam, and what to do. If someone calls, claiming to be with the IRS, and makes threats, they are NOT legit...
Follow KTDY On Instagram
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That's what Instagram is all about! If you're on, you know it's a great place to view and share great photos. The KTDY Instagram page is up and running.
Will 2016 Bring A Bacon Emoji? [Video]
Everyone loves bacon. There should be a bacon emoji. Don't you think? Multiple videos, posted by users of wochit.com indicate there's a list of candidates for emoji updates being considered by Unicode.
Enjoy Commercial Free Music On 99.9 KTDY!
99.9 KTDY now features commerical free hours! That's right! An hour of uninterrupted, nonstop music, brought to you by MSTY, the Music Messenger. (Pronounced "Misty") MSTY lets you add music to your message.
Facebook To Connect With Africa Via Satellite
Soon, Mark Zuckerberg will rule the world! I've jokingly referred to Facebook as an intelligence gatherer for extra terrestrials preparing to invade Earth. Zuckerberg's creation already has more than a billion members. Plans are now underway to reach huge sections of Africa.

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