I thought that it was odd that my iPhone battery was losing charge quickly, but then I realized "Hey, my iPhone isn't charging properly"!

But now, with a little help from Apple Pie, my problem is fixed!

Here's what was happening: when I would plug in a charging cable to my phone, it would show a connection, and then immediately lose that connection.  I was having to twist the connection at the charging port of my phone to look for the "sweet spot", and then carefully put my phone down and allow it to charge.  As soon as I would move my phone, it would lose connection.

At first, I thought it was that the cable was getting worn, so I purchased a new cable (more than one, actually!).  When I realized that it wasn't the cable causing the problem, I finally walked into Apple Pie repair on Johnston.

Alex greeted me, and asked what kind of problem I was having.  When I explained, she nodded her head, and said "let me see that phone".

She then took one of her fancy tools and started to dig into the charging port on my phone.  The result?  This:

(Staff Photo)

Pocket lint!  LINT!!  I keep my phone in my pocket, and Alex explained that the lint works its way into the port and starts to get packed in there, preventing the charging cable from making a proper connection.

After removing what seemed like two-and-a-half belly buttons full of lint, she plugged the charger in and BOOM!!  (It didn't explode: it started charging properly).

So my phone now charges properly, I made a new friend, I am able to (maybe) save you some trouble by spreading the word, they didn't charge me for the repair, and, best of all, Alex didn't act in a way that made me feel stupid about what was wrong with my phone!  WIN-WIN!!

Before you spend money on a new cable (like I did), check for foreign particles in the charging port.