Can you believe these findings...almost 50% of Americans want to skip Christmas. Why would anyone want to skip Christmas?  There's traffic, long lines, tangled strands of burnt out lights, months of credit card debt, and the dreaded visit with the in laws.  Why on Earth would anyone say no to the most wonderful time of year?

Fact is, 45% of Americans would rather skip Christmas this year.  Nearly half of cash - strapped Americans are stressed out about the many expenses that accompany the holidaysAnd more than 40% of people are worried they won’t have enough to cover their Christmas costs.

One thousand people were surveyed, and more than half of the respondents plan to spend $500 or less on gifts this year.  Only 30% will spend between $500 and $1000.    And even with the economy the way it is, almost 60% anticipate carrying debt into the New Year.

Would you like to skip Christmas?

[Via:  NBC News]