Video shows a youth baseball game coming to an abrupt halt after gunfire rang out in a parking lot nearby. Players, coaches, and parents could be seen going to the ground to take cover as an array of bullets flew through the air.


Everything seemed perfectly normal for this group of 8-year-olds playing a baseball game in North Charleston, South Carolina. That was, of course, until gunfire rang out from a nearby parking lot.


The first reaction to the shots came from a batter in the on-deck circle, who quickly turned towards the gunfire to see what was going on.

Facebook via WDSU News
Facebook via WDSU News

Once the players and coaches began to realize what was happening, everyone started hitting the deck for safety.


Those in the stands began running for cover as well, as the gunfire continued to ring out.

Reports say that authorities are currently investigating the shooting that occurred in a parking lot roughly 100 yards away from where this game was being played. Thankfully, no one was hit by gunfire although reports add that those present could hear shots ricocheting off of the metal fence. One vehicle was struck by a bullet, per reports.

Video Shows Youth Baseball Game Coming to Abrupt Halt Due to Nearby Gunfire

See the full video via WDSU News on Facebook below.

The report says that games at this park have been canceled for the rest of the week. Once games are able to resume, police officers will reportedly be there to patrol the area.

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