We are eating chocolate wrong.  Well, who knew?  Even cheap chocolate, wrong.  ChocolateFetish.com claims we are not consuming chocolate in a way that we get the full eperience.

First, we must stop chewing chocolate.  The chocolate experience is so much better when you put the piece of chocolate on the roof of you mouth and let it melt.  Just kinda suck it.

Secondly, stop taking big chunks of chocolate into your mouth at once.  Break off small pieces and savor the flavor.  You will also smell the chocolate more which will enhance the taste even if you bought it at a gas station.

Rub your chocolate before you eat it.  Messy but worth it.

Smell your chocolate.  Just as you would any food, smell it.  It's the same concept as with wine, your senses will be aroused and ready for it.

And finally, don't eat your chocolate so fast.  Let it sit in your mouth a while.  Chocolate is just as flavorful after a few minutes of being in your mouth as when you first put it in.  So don't rush it.

[Via: ChocolateFetish.com]

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