Happy Easter! What a trying couple of months we've had, so we are feeling very blessed that we actually MADE it to Easter. Even if you've been in quarantine due to the coronavirus, you've probably got a few items for the traditional Easter baskets for the kids. Or, let's be honest, yourself. At my house we love chocolate, but I've been known to throw a couple of bags of Jelly Belly's into the mix because they are my favorites.

So, with a little help from the people at HGTV, we've got some incredible recipes that are used with leftover Easter candy. They are below, and we hope you get to try a few, especially if you are not able to celebrate like you normally do at this time of year, and you are inside 'social distancing'.

I've also melted down chocolate bunnies, and drizzled a thin stream onto wax paper to use as a garnish, once it hardens. And some pastel M & M's have made their way into cookies at my house from time to time! Real Simple also has some amazing and creatives ways to use these holiday sweets in desserts as well. Happy Easter, y'all.





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